HGH and Aging

HGH or human growth hormone is produced by your brain in the pituitary gland. HGH is often considered the anti-aging hormone since it helps to maintain and regulate body tissues and organs. For children, HGH is necessary for growth. Some children will get HGH injections from a doctor if the level of HGH in their body is affecting their growth.

As with most hormones, the level of HGH in the human body decreases with age. As a result, HGH products are becoming a popular anti-aging supplement. The only effective form of HGH that has been proven through studies in HGH injections and these must be given by a doctor through a prescription. However, this method of HGH treatment is costly at about twenty thousand a year.

HGH is far from becoming the fountain of youth that individuals have long searched for. However, HGH does give you some benefits that help to increase one’s life and provide for a better quality life as an individual ages. Obviously, those who have a lack of HGH in their body will also greatly benefit from HGH medical treatment. Some also choose to take an HGH supplement in order to increase their muscle mass. The biggest benefit that most claim to receive from HGH supplements is better energy, but not official study has been done to prove the effects that people have reported while taking HGH supplements.

HGH first became popular in 1990 when an article in the New England Journal of Medicine showed that HGH improved the muscle tone in twelve older men. This little bit of research led to an explosion in HGH based products that claimed to be the cure for aging. Today you will find many forms of HGH including oral sprays and pills. However, other studies since 1990 have had mixed results. The only effective form of HGH that can be backed by scientific studies in HGH injections. In fact, it is believed you can get better anti-aging benefits by going to the gym and this has a lot less side effects.

HGH injections come with serious side effects. Some side effects to consider include diabetes, swelling, high blood pressure and even the possibility of heart failure. Join inflammation can also occur among those taking HGH injections which can lead to pain and carpel tunnel syndrome. For children taking HGH injections there is also an increased risk of certain kinds of cancer. However, again no long-term studies have been done to prove or disprove that long-term HGH use leads to cancer.

Right now, there aren’t enough scientific studies to conclusively prove whether HGH is good for you. When it comes to injections, the risks and dangers aren’t worth it unless you need the treatment for a serious medical condition. If you want to take HGH for anti-aging, it is important to make your own decision based on customer reviews and advice from your doctor. With no hard evidence regarding these new products, it may just require you to try them and see if they work for you.

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